Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Inspired Polka Dot Mani

It has been about 5 months since my last entry. I think the 30 day challenge wore me out. I haven't done very many creative designs with my nails since then. I've even gone so far as to let some of my manicures chip pretty badly!

The good news is that the new spring pastels have inspired a little bit of creativity in me! I have been seeing the Sugar Rush collection all over Facebook, so I went to Walgreen's to pick some up. They were having a 4 for $5 sale I didn't know about, so that would be all of them for $10! They were missing the orange one, which made me sad. I picked up the light pink Cotton Candy, light blue Sugar Rush, light purple Candy Coated, and the yellow Unicorn. I thought my new bunch needed a green pal, so I also picked up a light green from Maybelline Color Show called Green With Envy. I'll talk about that guy later.  Let's go right into my manicure!

I started out with just a regular skittles manicure because I wanted to see how all of my new colors looked. Each color took 3 coats for full opacity because the formula is pretty thin. That helps with drying to me, so I'm not bothered by it. All of the Sinful Colors polishes applied well with no trouble. The green, which was Maybelline, has got to be the worst formula I've encountered to date. It kept pulling itself off of my nails and took multiple tries to finally get even coverage. It's unfortunate since it's the perfect green to match the rest.

Once I got nice coverage on all my nails, I felt they needed a bit more design. Luckily I prepared polka dots ahead of time, just in case! To do this, all I did was dot the polish in various sizes onto sticker paper before I started my manicure! I bought a pack of name tag label stickers for $1 just for this purpose. By the time you're done with your base coat and 3 color coats, they're usually dried. I use my small dotting tool to nudge a dot up and place it on my nail. I do it this way so I know the dots will be nicely shaped when I apply them. (I also paint stripes that I use for French tips on this paper!)

Since I had 4 sizes prepared of each color, I decided to kind of do a gradient style with bigger dots at the tip and tiny ones near the base. I used only one of each size of each of the non-base colors, which was plenty. That's a total of 16 dots per nail. I sealed them in with a top coat, and that's that! My mom says they look like the candy speckled eggs you get at Easter. Do you like them?

UPDATE: Sinful Colors Unicorn (the yellow from the Sugar Rush collection) left a slight yellow stain on my nails. I used Seche Clear base coat underneath.

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