Sunday, June 17, 2012

Galaxy Nails #1

Well, I've been working and experimenting on these "galaxy nails" all evening. It took quite a few tries before I found a technique that worked with the colors I have on hand. I labelled this as "#1" because I will be doing this again when I have some more vibrant colors. The results of this attempt are below. Not too bad for my first go!

The base color I used on my thumb is Charcoal by Kleancolor. It is different from the rest because that is the nail I experimented on. It is an easier polish to remove in case of mistakes (which there were a few). Once I got the hang of it, I moved on to my other nails.

The base for those is China Glaze Smoke and Ashes (glittery black). I then dabbed on a mix of Nailene French Manicure's translucent pink and white. I then added a drop of China Glaze Hook and Line (shimmery grey) to the mix with another drop of the white and dabbed a little more for depth. This was followed by a drop of China Glaze Agro (shimmery forest green) and yet another drop of white. I dabbed this mix mainly along the edges of the white/grey. Next, I combined a tiny amount of L'Oréal Stroke of Midnight (shimmery dark burgundy) with a drop of white separately from the other mix. I used this to accent a few spots. Finally, I dotted randomly with the pure white to create stars.

It looked like a mess, but when I added a top coat, it kind of blurred together a bit. After staring at it for a bit, I thought it still needed a little bit more depth. So I created a thin, swirly water coat of the Smoke and Ashes to cover it all and add a little bit more sparkle. One last top coat and it was finished! How do you like it?

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