Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Try It On Tuesday: Yoo-hoo Nails

So this week I discovered that "Try It On Tuesday" is apparently a thing. Luckily, my boyfriend picked up a surprise polish for me last night at the store. It is Finger Paints Art Nouv-Yellow. It is a slightly shimmery yellow that takes three coats to become opaque. It can look a little streaky when applying, but it's not noticeable once dry.

By itself, it looked a little plain. So I decided to try something else new as well. There was a Yoo-hoo box near me and the yellow is almost the exact same color. Along the top and bottom of the box, it looks like the chocolate drink is sloshing around, and that gave me the tipping idea. But I know I am not good with art using my left hand, so I decided to use a trick I picked up recently. I painted the sloshy tips on sticker paper. I chose China Glaze Mahogany Magic because it's a perfect chocolate color, and it's also my only brown. After waiting half an hour, I was able to peel them off and place them on my tips. Then I just filed down the extra bits and painted on an extra thick topcoat for it to re-wet the tips so they'll stick. And here's the finished manicure:

I would have liked to add some blue and red accents, but i didn't have any matching colors. While I am very happy with the results artistically, the color combination is not for me. What about you - could you rock the Yoo-hoo Nails?


  1. Please explain this "sticker paper" stuff you are talking about?

    1. It's the paper that stickers or labels are stuck to. Like children's stickers. The ones I used were from my son's Spongebob stickers. It worked really well, but I couldn't use the same spot twice.