Monday, July 23, 2012

[kossori hana.] cosmetics - Indiegogo Campaign

Hello everyone! I am looking to develop my first cosmetics line. I have quite a few rewards to choose from, so check them out and remember to share!

[kossori hana.] cosmetics - Indiegogo Campaign


  1. How do you get started doing that? Some of my favorite shadows are from indie companies. Look up Unique Pigments and Mon Ennui on face book. i friended you there too. now that I'm not an atl I can do that lol

    1. There are quite a few supply companies on the internet that sell the bases and the pigments in order to create your own colors. Some also sell the supplies and tools to package them as well. My favorite line of eyeshadows is by Shiro Cosmetics, and it's inspired by gamer and internet culture.

      I see a lot of indie lines focused on one type of cosmetic, like nail polish or eyeshadow. I want to create a set that includes polish, shadow, and lips. These products are usually high in pigments and can stay mostly true to their color. I am excluding blush because the shades vary depending upon the skin tone.