Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Swatch: Lucky 13 Pride

Last month, I entered a nail art contest hosted by Kyoti's Nails to show LGBT pride/support. I entered my Alan Turing manicure. I won in the amateur division, which I was very excited about since I painted that manicure exactly one week after I started painting my nails. My prize was a mini bottle of Pride.

I got my prize in the mail today! While I was happy, my 4 year old son was sad that he didn't get anything in the mail. To cheer him up, I let him be the first one to try it out by painting his thumbnail.

He liked it so much, he wanted to paint my nails. Oh noes!!! I reluctantly agreed, which cheered him up. I painted 2 coats of Wet & Wild 449C (white) and let them dry. Then I let him go to town!

This actually seems to be a good test of the polish. It has a very even glitter distribution, even when applied by a 4 year old! The colors are also very even, with no color showing up more than the others.

I really love this polish! It's very festive and fun. I can see it being used as sprinkles, confetti, polkadots (though my son did point out to me that they weren't circles), or just a simple way to show LGBT pride/support!


  1. Replies
    1. He did do a great job! I like how the glitter goes halfway up my pinky! lol

  2. Oh my! He's so adorable! I'm glad he has this artistic side in him, must have gotten his mom's genes? :D Congrats for winning! And the glitters are awesome! Love them!

    1. Thanks! And he wants to be an artist/doctor/football player when he grows up. :)