Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Orange Zest

I got my Jingle Splash Kleancolor mini collection from Copious, and I really wanted to try out the orange one first. It's called Chunky Copper, but it's not very coppery at all. The base is clear with a slight orange tint. There are three different sized glitters that are pretty well distributed. I can't tell if they are slightly orange or if they're gold and just reflecting the orange in the base, but they do look nice. The big pieces curl slightly, but I really like the texture it gives! I had to fish a little bit and place the bigger glitters, but the base didn't get goopy on me and it wasn't that difficult to do.

Since I wanted the big glitter to be the focus, I used it for my accent nails. On my other nails, I used two coats of China Glaze Riveting. It is a bright, vivid orange glitter. It is sheer, but in a subtle way. I also used one coat for the moons of my accent nails. This kind of reminds me of when you bend orange peel and the oil sprays. It's a very fun and fresh look.

I took quite a few shots in different lighting, and the sidewalk background balanced the lighting on the glitter best. The Riveting is only slightly less orange than the picture shows. I think I'm going to do the Vegas Night Kleancolor mini from the collection next. It's got blue and purple tiny glitters in a sheer blue base. You'll love it!

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